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Our Community

More about our community and what we do


The President

Welcome to our Jewish Community.  If you’re looking for your spiritual place to call your home, or if you’re interested in building friendships and community,  we’re delighted that you found us. Our congregation dates back to 1994 and our history is laced with caring congregants who have shown compassion for our faith and traditions. We welcome you to become a part of us; and a part of the history of JCO, to enrich yourself, and to pass Judaism down to those who come after us. 

We are always open to hearing your thoughts about our Temple.  Our Board meetings are on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.  Please email me




or contact me by phone at 415.713.9030 if you would like to offer your thoughts.


Read more of the President’s thoughts in her letter to the congregation:


Helping hands

JCO offers a helping hands program.

If you need assistance of any kind from a member or if you'd like to sign up to give assistance, please 



Our temple has various committees that help run and shape our community. We are always looking for volunteers!


If you wish to see an overview of our calendar and events to come:


Member Bulletin Board

A message board for all members - what is on your mind?

Members Area

Enter our members-only area:

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