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Our Committees

We can always use help. Please contact us if you are interested in working on a committee


This committee is responsible for analyzing the finances of the JCO and making sure that the financial issues that come up are dealt with in an intelligent and efficient manner. They are responsible for maintaining proper financial records and creating appropriate financial reports. They are often called upon to make a recommendation to the Board of Directors about an important financial decision. They also are responsible for the collection of the annual dues and to monitor all insurance policies.


Dave Wertlieb, Chair


The activities of this committee are quite obvious. They plan the activities that surround our weekly Friday evening services. They line up members to sponsor the Oneg. For the High Holy Days, they take care of all of the many arrangements that are necessary to ensure a successful 2 nights and 2 days. With the introduction of an automated Yahrzeit notification program, our members can provide the information about their departed loved ones to the company who will then manage all aspects of notification.

Sheila Cohn, Chair

Helping Hands

This committee is available to our members for non-monetary assistance that they might require in a time of need. This could entail driving a member to a doctor's appointment or to the pharmacy or grocery store. Maybe help members who are moving their residence and do not have enough strength to do it by themselves. Occasionally an older member might need a ride to our Friday evening service, because they cannot drive after dark. Perhaps a visit to a member who is in the hospital is needed. These are only a few examples.

Sheila Cohn, Chair

Social action

This committee is charged with the responsibility to look for opportunities for our members to participate in activities that result in the betterment of the general Ojai community. One regular activity is feeding the homeless. Another is participating in the food drive sponsored by Help of Ojai. Working in cooperation with a church or a civic organization should also be considered.


Membership / Marketing

This committee is charged with the responsibility of attracting new members to the JCO. This manifests itself in a variety of ways. One example is to invite potential members to attend a Friday evening service and attend the Oneg, thus giving them an opportunity to meet some of our regular members and also gain a sense of how our services function. They have a large list of prospects that they will be contacting over the next several months. The marketing factor is to create and implement ways to reach out to the more than 500 Jewish people who live in the Ojai Valley who are not members of the JCO.

Debe Bloom, Chair


This committee will NOT be constantly putting on fund raising events. One major event might take place during the year. Another element of their responsibility is to create opportunites for benefactors to donate money to have specified items or rooms in the JCO be named in honor of or in memory of an individual or individuals that are close to the benefactor. They are also responsible for creating the annual donation book that is tied to the Yom Kippur Yizkor memorial service. 

Marion Scire, Chair


This committee is responsible for making people aware of events that are upcoming and for trying to bring into the JCO as many people as possible for an event. They also have assembled a "last-minute" phone group of 15 members to reach out to as many members as possible to ensure a good measure of attendance at certain events. Volunteers are needed for this phone group. The committee publicizes events for the JCO and also, if appropriate, for the community. It is a central place to publish in the JCO website, JCO Facebook, and Ojai Valley News. If you have an event you wish to publicize, please send the details to Sharon West  

Sherrill Kushner, Chair

Programs / Social

This committee's primary job is to plan and execute educational and cultural events, and social and fun events. Examples of past events include an outside speaker (or could be a member) and a musical presentation. They also provide assistance to members who want to present a program. Any activities that can be described as Social are also under the purview of this committee. Examples of this are the Oscar Party and the picnic in the park.

Jade Waters, Chair


This committee is responsible for handling the arrangements when JCO permits a non-profit organization to use our facility. They are also responsible for the care and maintenance of our entire property, both the inside of the building and the outside, which includes gardening, mowing, cleaning of the parking lot, and other miscellaneous chores. The committee does not actually due the labor; we have responsible people that we pay to do this.

Rick Bloom, Chair


This committee is responsible for planning and implementing measures to protect our members and others from violations of their safety. These measures include modifications to and strengthening of our physical plant and the establishment of safety protocols that are to be followed by all.

Larry Steingold, Chair

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