Our Vision

The Jewish Community of Ojai, is a non-denominational synagogue that strives to preserve tradition while encouraging innovation in Judaism.  

Jewish Community of Ojai began when a group of people, desirous of developing a Jewish presence in Ojai, began meeting in homes.  Soon a building was purchased and eventually we moved to our larger, present site.  Originally called K'hilat Ha'Aloneem, the Temple changed its name in 2014 to Jewish Community of Ojai. 

Over the years, the members of JCO have been fortunate to learn from many different voices.  We have had reform, conservative, orthodox, and lay leaders guide us.  We have studied with rabbis who are just starting out and with those approaching retirement.  Above all, we have formed a community, providing all of us with an opportunity to explore our Judaism.

At Jewish Community of Ojai we provide:

---Celebrations for holidays and festivals, including a community Passover Seder and a community Sukkah

---Weekly Friday Shabbat services with Rabbi Lisa Bock or with our lay leadership

---Torah Study

---Hebrew school

---B'nai Mitzvah training 

---Educational programming, including Yiddish cinema and guest speakers

---An active website

 At Jewish Community of Ojai we encourage:

---The participation of those from any religious background

---People from any knowledge background to learn more about Jewish traditions

---People to enjoy, contribute to, and take responsibility for the Ojai Jewish community

---People to help define our Jewish community’s relationship to the Ojai Valley

Please join JCO in sharing our Jewish experiences, learning from each other, and strengthening the Jewish community of the Ojai Valley. 

For more information please contact us.  

Mission Statement: To nurture an inclusive and compassionate Jewish community through worship, education, social action, and celebration.