President's Message from Lynne Goldfarb
Board Meetings

We'd  love to see you at a Temple board meeting.  In order to be sure we get through our agenda, I do ask that you contact me in advance via phone or e-mail if you would like to speak about a particular subject.  My e-mail address can be found at the bottom of this page.  Please check the Calendar on this website for the next meeting date, time and place.  Thanks.
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October 2, 2017

As I sat in our sanctuary alone, with the speckled shadows of the stained glass playing on the carpet, I reflected upon the honor and opportunity of being of service.

Being of service to the Jewish Community of Ojai, to the individual members of our community, to the responsibilities of being a President of a Board with only generous volunteers making everything come together, and all the while, focusing on serving God in all I do.

Reflecting upon the 5778 years of our shared and challenging Jewish History, knowing that if my 100-year-old Dad did not miraculously survive his 5 years of concentration camp at Buchenwald, he would not be here today with us during services, and neither would I. 

If I may share a special prayer for the New Year

Teach me, dear God
To make a fresh start
To break yesterday’s patterns
To stop telling myself
I can’t when I can
I’m not when I am
I’m stuck when I am eminently free

Thank you for sharing in this sacred opportunity for self-reflection and Teshuva. Thank you for praying with and participating in the Jewish Community of Ojai.

L’Shanah Tova. Many blessings to all in this New Year.