President's Message from Pat Allen
Board Meetings

We'd  love to see you at a Temple board meeting.  In order to be sure we get through our agenda, I do ask that you contact me in advance via phone or e-mail if you would like to speak about a particular subject.  My e-mail address can be found at the bottom of this page.  Please check the Calendar on this website for the next meeting date, time and place.  Thanks.
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May 17, 2017

I am pleased to share with you that the Board of Directors approved a Culture Statement to guide our conduct in our duties to serve the congregation. You can read the full text here, and I recommend that you do so, as this represents the work and thoughtful engagement of our Board on behalf of you, our community. 
The statement is grounded in Jewish values and common sense.

We were pleased to be joined at our meeting by seven visitors, JCO members who have stepped up to be considered for the open slots on the Board going into the next year. Members are always welcome to attend Board meetings, and the times and dates are posted on the website. 

Our two recent open houses, one a Happy Hour and the other an informal brunch, were well attended by both long time members and, to our surprise, several potential new members who read about the events on Facebook and our website! One gentleman and his son had literally driven cross country from Rhode Island two days before, newcomers to Ojai, and were thrilled to find a welcoming Jewish presence in our beautiful social hall. To balance that, we also met a woman who lives only a block or two away who had never set foot in our building. Every time she has stopped by, the doors were locked! 

While we don’t have a staff to keep our place open everyday, I’d like to invite members to think of ways to spend time in our space. Would you like to read in our quiet library? Meditate in the afternoon when the sunlight floods through our stained glass windows? Host the next informal lunch/brunch/happy hour? Perhaps with a modest schedule of volunteers we could post some hours for visitors to come by and enjoy our beautiful sanctuary, rest and reflect, or check out whether they might like to become members of our community. 

One visitor to the open house expressed concern because she is “half Jewish” and wondered if that somehow made her less welcome. She was assured that she need not be Jewish at all to be welcome at JCO. When you are out and about town, please be sure to let friends and colleagues know that our social hall is available for a modest charge for meetings and classes and most programs and classes at JCO are open to all. Our social hall was complimented consistently by visitors to the open houses as being a welcome addition to Ojai’s resources. Few spaces can accommodate the number (67) and also feature a kitchen. One of our newest members, Jeff Maxson, has recently volunteered to take on the management of the rental of the facility. He has stellar AV skills and can help those who want to show a film, offer a power point, or have music at their gathering. Thank you Jeff!

The Board also is working to ensure safety and security to those using our space. A policy will soon be in place and members are welcome to voice their thoughts and concerns about security at the Annual Meeting, June 8 at 7:00 PM. Please mark your calendars and be sure to come.