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Supervised by Barbara Hirsch and Alan Greenberg, our synagogue now has a new lighting system that was installed with the purposes of enhancing the appearance of the Ark and the new backdrop behind the arc, and also providing better lighting for reading from the 2 podiums. As you can see from the photos, we erected some serious scaffolding and used a very tall ladder in order to get way up there to the high wood beams to attach the new track lighting system. The highest point that we had to get to was 20 feet in the air!!

First, we had to remove the one light that was already there as it was antiquated and in the way. Then we installed 12 feet of new track and eventually installed 7 lights on the track. The new bulbs are LED, which means they are low energy, but more importantly in this case, they will last for probably 30 years. Since it will be a difficult and painful experience to change these bulbs at any time, we think that this long-life characteristic of LED lighting is a G-dsend. (No pun intended).

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Bob Barnett, without whom we could not have possibly done this installation. He also was instrumental in installing the new arches and hand-painted canvasses that are behind the ark. Bob gave very generously of his time, and we are forever grateful for this righteous man. Bob is a friend of our members Barbara and Marvin Beck. They are the ones who personally designed and created the total effect that is on the wall behind the ark. That too was a labor of love as they donated literally hundreds of hours of their time to make their artistic project a reality. For example, Barbara Beck spent over 200 hours hand painting the blue and red canvasses that are part of the arch! When you see them at one of our events, please let them know that you appreciate all of their efforts.

Parking lot paving...February 9, 2016