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Joan Englander has made a video and could use your help

by Web Guy on 01/19/19

Hello dear friends and fellow members of JCO:

I am thrilled to tell you that a new friend, Brian Lisus, violin, viola and cello maker has come into my life as a sensitive and artistic video producer. The result is a 7 minute video showing a an exchange between myself and Sonia, a Jewish elder in a care facility. You might find that the visit I made to her bedside is quite touching.

I hope to make an audio book for people who can’t read my book, Joy in the Evening of Our Lives. I also would like to make a teaching video based on the lessons in my book, I am using GoFundMe to raise funds for these purposes.

This is not a money-making venture. It is a legacy project, to leave behind the richness of insight and inspiration that came from my work as a Healing Companion for elders in need of care and attention. And in retirement, how I became my own Healing Companion, and you can too.

It will give me such great joy if you will take a look at the video so that I can dance my way into living past age 82. Thank you warmly for being with me in my video.

P.S. If you feel moved to share this with friends or to share your email resources, that would be so wonderful.

Blessings, Joan


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